Accompanying you every step of the way

As a pioneer in the development of active, short range protection systems, ADS GmbH, which was founded in 2006, produces and distributes the world’s most innovative and top-performing Active Defence System. Expertise in the areas of construction, electrical engineering, explosive technology and software development forms the basis of the innovative capacity of our company.

ADS acts in accordance with your requirements

As a reliable and flexible partner, ADS GmbH acts in accordance with your requirements and accomplishes results through individual integration concepts. ADS accompanies you along the entire process chain: from the analysis to prototypes and series production, including after sales support and integrated logistics support.

Modular solutions from a single source

The Active Defence System (ADS) is a complete proprietary development and in-house production of ADS GmbH, including sensors, hardware and software. The system is integrated into various military vehicles according to your requirements and preferences. In addition, ADS GmbH offers further services relating to your product, from training to maintenance.