Tailor-made service for you

The service provided by Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH starts with the development of your product. We organise the design and the layout of the circuit boards. We are able to visualise your system by creating CAD models and drawings. We also guarantee functional safety by qualifying your ADS. We thus perform environmental, climate and vibration tests and create production and test documents for you.

From training to maintenance

We continue to provide our service after commissioning. In doing so, we run training courses for you and provide for a long service life of your system by performing regular maintenance and repairs. As part of our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), we oversee your product throughout the entire life cycle. In addition, efficient obsolescence management ensures that your system is always state-of-the-art.

Specific regulations and provisions

For the import and export of our products throughout the world, we adhere to all import and export provisions including ITAR. Furthermore, we implement the rules for handling hazardous substances within the European Union in accordance with the REACH regulation.